Tenent Noctus

Tenet Noctis is Latin for the darkest night. It is a historically authentic story, centered on a group of Knights Templars and their Saracen (Islamic warriors) enemies. It is set near the end of the 2nd Crusade in Galilee, present day Israel. The Templars mission is to guard the safe passage of Christian pilgrims to the Holy Lands, Jerusalem and the crusader kingdoms. The Saracens seek to repel the Franks, Christian crusaders. However there is a tenuous truce between King Baldwin the IV, the King of Jerusalem and Saladin, the Sultan of Egypt and Syria and our story is not that simple. 
Our story begins when the Templars defeat Saracens to seize a small Commandery (castle/fortress). As the series develops the Templars themselves becomes besieged by Saracen warriors but that is the least of their concerns. Both the Islamists and the Christians face an enemy that is far worse, an evil from biblical scripture and the Quran. This evil has been covertly manipulating both sides into a greater conflict. 
The Knights must do the unthinkable and unite with their “enemies” if they have any chance to survive the evil which besets them. 



Director:  Tim Russ

Writer:  John R. Mangus

Producer:  Alexander Eldimiati                       John R. Mangus

Year:  2018

Run Time:  9 min

Country:  U.S.A.