Forgotten Bayou

Bayou Corne, Louisiana was once a thriving community. Homeowners reveled in Cajun pride, held their own Mardi Gras celebrations, enjoyed frequent gatherings, and the families of many had been settled there for generations. Irresponsible brine mining practices on a large underground salt dome caused all of this to come crashing down on Aug 3, 2012 when a sinkhole swallowed a swath of nearby swamps. Residents were left with an impossible choice: start their lives over elsewhere, or stay and face the risks. Featuring interviews from current and former community members, Texas Brine employees, scientists and government officials, Forgotten Bayou chronicles the events leading up to the tragedy as well as the continuing ways it has altered their lives. The sinkhole, now 34-acres in diameter continues to grow, very slowly while changing the landscape of what was once beautiful wetlands.



Director:  Victoria Greene

Writer:  Victoria Greene

Producer:  Victoria Greene

                     John Darling Haynes

                     Paul E. LeDoux

                     Diana C. Zollicoffer

Year:  2018

Run Time:  1 hour 10 min

Country:  U.S.A.