IMPACT is a three part series of documentary shorts on how a wish can transform not only the lives of critically ill children, but also their families, supporters and even entire communities.

Every short film is a story based around one child:

Yassir, 17 
Wants to experience a live match of his favourite NBA team: The Golden State Warriors. The story is told by his mum, his granddad and his best friend after Yassir died battling a brain tumor. The film dives deeper into what a wish means for a child’s family and how they look back at that moment.

Arnau, 3 
After a heavy time battling a tumor, Arnau wants to celebrate Christmas on a beach with his entire family. We follow him and his family during his wish experience and see how he turns fear into confidence while his dearest wish is being granted.

Madelief, 20 
Had her wish granted 10 years ago meeting her favourite musical star and has been motivated to follow a career into music ever since. We look back at what she has achieved in 10 years and how this has been made possible by the Make-A-Wish foundation.



Director:  Bas Goossens


Producer:  Lieve Claessens

Year:  2018

Run Time:  10 min

Country:  Netherlands