Dragon Song

In the wilderness of Oregon territory in 1875, Sherriff Lamberic White is drunkenly beating his one-time friend Spiney Shamblins to death. Young and idealistic Deputy Abel Cross is aghast and fearful, knowing the Sherriff’s drunken rage may lead to death. The Wood brothers, Deputies Dicky Joe and Earnest, sit in the rocks behind watching the mortal battle, passing around a bottle of whiskey. The Sherriff takes the bottle, turns it up and drinks deeply. He smashes it on a rock, then stumbles in for the kill. Deputy Cross pulls his gun and aims it at his superior, demanding the Sherriff put the bottle down. The other two deputies rise and put their hands on their pistol stocks, reading themselves with nervous appraisal. Lamberic, once a Colonel in the Civil War, is now an old and hardened lawman. He is far too familiar with facing guns. Showing no fear of his young deputy, he speaks softly and walks directly towards the barrel of the shaking gun. He takes the pistol and tosses it to the fast-handed Dicky Joe Wood. Spiney, bloody and bruised, laughs in delirium. His consciousness fades...



Director:  David McClister

Writer:  John Carter Cash

Producer: John Carter Cash

Year:  2019

Run Time:  18 min

Country:  U.S.A.